Chris Fascione: Bringing Literature to Life!

"From the moment your program started, we knew that we had hit a home run! PTA, Eader Elementary School, Huntington Beach, CA.

Laughter abounds during Chris Fascione's assembly programs which receive rave reviews from students, teachers and principals nationwide. With a strong educational focus on books, Chris acts out children's literature while motivating kids to read. You'll be LOL throughout his high-spirited, participatory shows in which literature truly comes to life!

His award-winning, comedic interpretations have been enjoyed in school assembly programs, libraries and special events from coast to coast for 15 years, reaching more than one million children.

Chris' unique combination of acting, storytelling, comedy and juggling brings colorful characters from literature to life in a program designed to promote reading, literacy, and a love of books. Not your father's storyteller, but an energetic story performer! Truly one-of-a-kind.

Chris has shows with material geared specifically for PreK, K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and Family Night programs. All new stories for repeat bookings! Some schools invite Chris back every year.

Show titles include:

- Bringing Literature to Life!
- Around the World
- Juggling Funny Stories
- Scared Silly Stories
- Winter Holiday Stories

Workshops in conjunction with performances are available for every age group.

Funding assistance in Illinois is available through the Illinois Arts Council's Artstour program.

Think of Chris for programs that complement your school or library's Reading Program, Book Fair, and Family Reading Night.

"Chris Fascione is the most talented literature-based storyteller in America today. If you have one program in your school or library this year, make sure it is his. Your audience will thank you." -- Esme Raji Codell, Author of Sahara Special and How to Get Your Child to Love Reading!



Pricing Information

Pricing starts at: $450.00


Grade level:  preK, elementary school, middle school, library/civic
Performance Length: 45-60 minutes
Workshops/Residencies: Yes

Pricing Info

Reduced library, block booking, and multiple show rates available.

Technical Information

Set-up Time: 0-10 minutes
Strike Time: 0-10 minutes
Performer Needs: One hand-held, stand-up microphone, if available.


Chris Fascione
Telephone: 708.383.8788

Address: 528 Woodbine Ave.
Oak Park, IL 60302