WRITING ROYALLY by Face to Face Productions

"A perfect fit with our writing curriculum"

“Our students were so inspired they could not wait to get back to their classrooms to start their writing projects.”

The wizard Merlin begins our tale just after young Arthur has pulled the sword from the stone and is ready to be crowned king. As such, Arthur must write new laws of the land (expository), settle a dispute about the kingdom's seal (persuasive), and craft the Royal Stories (narrative). Terrified that he will fail at his first royal duties, Arthur turns to his teacher and mentor for help. Merlin sends him on a quest to find the Crystal Horn for focus, the Tail Feathers of the Profuse Peacock for elaboration and support, and the Methodical Map of Makesense for organization. Equipped with these magical items and the knowledge that each represents, Arthur successfully begins his reign with the motto: "The pen is mightier than the sword in the stone."


language arts
creative writing
musical theater

Pricing Information

Pricing starts at: $595.00


Grade level:  elementary school, middle school, library/civic
Performance Length: 30-45 minutes
Workshops/Residencies: No

Pricing Info

Single - $595 - $695/Double - $795-$895
(area codes 312,847,630,708,773, all others please call; see website for pricing details)

Technical Information

Set-up Time: 60-90 minutes
Strike Time: 50-60 minutes
Performer Needs: One 8' or two 6' tables, electricity


Mark Grimsich
Telephone: 773.631.2013
Web: www.facetofaceproductions.com

Address: 7329 West Fitch Ave
Chicago, IL 60631