The GEORGE WASHINGTON FOLLIES a participatory musical comedy

Performances thru June 2019

The teachers had nothing but praise.
My students have never been so FOCUSED and ENGAGED, including the primary level classes.

• Illinois Learning Standards
• 'Character Counts!'

It is April 30th, 1789, inauguration day for the first President of the United States, George Washington. He is both nervous and exhausted having been up all night worrying about this new position of leadership. He begins to dose off. In this dream state, he is visited by King Charlemagne, Cleopatra and Confucius. Each of these characters shares their leadership qualities and philosophies with George. With the help of these leaders, and your students, George is able to better understand how to lead this nation of the people, by the people and for the people.


social issues training
musical theater

Pricing Information

Pricing starts at: $595.00


Grade level:  elementary school, middle school, library/civic
Performance Length: 45-60 minutes
Workshops/Residencies: No

Pricing Info

Fees range from $595 -$695/Single; $795 - $895/Double based on performance dates (area codes 312,847,630,708,773) Details on website

Technical Information

Set-up Time: 60-90 minutes
Strike Time: 50-60 minutes
Performer Needs: One 8' or two 6' tables, electricity


Mark Grimsich
Telephone: 773.631.2013

Address: 7329 West Fitch Ave
chicago, IL 60631