Hollys Harps

Holly's Harps brings the magic of harp to people of all ages. Starting with curriculum-based school programs, there are additional options to involve your entire community.

Award-winning harpist and educator Holly Pratt focuses on state standards in music, science and math. Textbook topics come alive with the sounds and science of the harp.

Playing both classical and popular songs, Holly helps students explore the science of sound. This assembly is highly interactive, engaging students in predicting outcomes, solving problems and using sign language.

Students gain new understandings and new vocabulary in acoustical science and music. And they'll take home some fascinating tidbits in language and history.

Vocabulary and concepts are adjusted for each grade level. If appropriate for your venue, a question and answer session can top off the session.

30 harps provided. Each students will have her/his "own" harp and play a song. We experiment with sound production, and gain first-hand experience applying musical concepts and vocabulary.

Holly provides many workshops per day, to serve hundreds of kids in one school day. Every student can play a song on a real harp. No previous musical training required!

Multi-day residencies are available. You may also choose to have your students perform on stage with Holly or with the professional ensemble Lyrica. A residency also includes a free library or senior citizen program.

A lively mixture of musical favorites, show-n-tell with instruments, amusing stories of musical life, and Q&A.


math, STEM

Pricing Information

Pricing starts at: $450


Grade level:  elementary school, middle school, high school, college, library/civic
Performance Length: 45-60 minutes
Workshops/Residencies: Yes

Pricing Info

Programs tailored for your needs.
*Assemblies: Science & Math of Musical Sound
*Hands-on workshops: a harp for every kid

Technical Information

Set-up Time: 20-30 minutes
Strike Time: 20-30 minutes
Performer Needs: For assemblies, 10x10 floor space and mic for talking.
For hands-on harp workshops, floor space only. (We sit on the floor in an all purpose room, library space, etc.)


Holly Pratt
Telephone: 513.389.0397
Web: www.hollys-harps.org

Address: PO Box 53904
Cincinnati, OH 45253-0904