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Awesome Laser Assemblies: Prismatic Magic | web |slideshow

Visual Art, Science, Virtual

Dazzling music-based laser light assemblies that will rock the house while exploring topics like bullying, kindness, STEM, black history month, and more!

Phone: 866.952.7376|Email:

Didgeridoo Down Under: Amazing School Shows! | web |video |more info >

Cultural Arts, Character Building, Science, Music/instrumental

Gday! Didgeridoo Down Under = Superb Educational Entertainment. Our unique shows are musical, educational, motivational and super fun for all ages!

Phone: 813.961.4656|Email:

Dinosaurs Rock Virtual Science School Assemblies | web |video |more info >

Earth Day, Marine Biology, Museum, Science, Games/activities

Dinosaurs & Fossils, Sharks & Oceans, Rocks & Minerals, Insects, Rocketry & Physics. Interactive, hands-on. Giant Museum Exhibits! We ship out REAL specimens

Phone: 917-375-4248|Email:

Discover Science Assemblies LLC | web

Linking Fun With Learning, Science, Games/activities

We present interactive programs designed to intrigue & enlighten young minds. With 100s of performances behind us we can be trusted to connect science with fun!

Phone: 847.975.8468|Email:

EarthCapades Virtual Assemblies | web |video |more info >

Science, Storytelling, Circus Tricks

EarthCapades unique and memorable virtual assemblies blend science, circus, music, magic, and comedy to inspire care and appreciation for Planet Earth.

Phone: 650.557.4258|Email:

Getting Excited About Science | web |video

Science, Virtual, Magic

Virtual and Live fun Science Assembly. Geared to the ages of the students watching and teacher's requests. Customizable, student participation, humor, STEM

Phone: 630.213.8000|Email:

Jackson Gillman, Stand-Up Chameleon | web

Science, Music/vocals, Storytelling

Highly participatory programs of song, story, movement & sign language, many nature-oriented, customized to curriculum. Seasoned pro - flexible and easy-going

Phone: 508.295.0886|Email:

Rockets and Robots | web |more info >

Science, History, Storytelling

Aerospace education specialist, Bob Redman (Captain Bob), brings the high-tech world of space exploration down to earth in a virtual assembly and workshops.

Phone: Toll Free: (866) 855-4655|Email:

Slapstick Science | web |video |more info >

Circus Skills, Science

Slapstick Science has spectacular science shows for K- 6 grades. REAL science taught by a certified teacher; REAL SCIENCE=REAL FUN! 5 Live Shows and 2 Virtual

Phone: 802.558.7959|Email:

Smarty Pants | web |video

Mathematics, Science

Smarty Pants presents the Mousetrap Machine Show, a STEM based science assembly that teaches how simple machines work.

Phone: 773.562.6789|Email: