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Awesome Laser Assemblies: Prismatic Magic | web |slideshow

Visual Art, Science, Virtual

Dazzling music-based laser light assemblies that will rock the house while exploring topics like bullying, kindness, STEM, black history month, and more!

Phone: 866.952.7376|Email:

Cartooning Is Fun Virtual Classes | web |video

Visual Art, Virtual, Games/activities

Cartooning Is Fun engages, educates and inspires your students to learn by drawing famous faces from Literature, History, Politics and The Arts.

Phone: 414.232.1391|Email:

Dan Laib Studios | web |slideshow

Visual Art, Comedy, Magic

Dan Laib specializes in drawing, cartooning, caricatures, and painting, all of which he uses to entertain in his art shows and drawing workshops.

Phone: 815.690.2005|Email: