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Julia Bachrach - History Now | |more info >

Author, History, Language Arts

Julia Bachrach’s History Now programs are engaging, enlightening & enjoyable. She illuminates topics in Illinois history that you won't find in textbooks.

Phone: 773.761.5040|Email:

Abraham Lincoln by Kevin Wood | web

First-person Historical Portrayal, History

Mr. Lincoln teaches students about the history of our nation from our establishment in 1776 to the end of the Civil War in 1865, plus his own personal story.

Phone: 708.948.7017|Email:

GreatWorks Theatre Company | web |video

Theater, History, Language Arts

Educational entertainment based on the great characters from history and literature, GreatWorks educates and inspires students of all ages.

Phone: 888.588.7850|Email:

Magic in the Classroom | web

Nutrition, Magic, Language Arts

Educational magic show assemblies. Themes include reading, nutrition, and the history of magic.

Phone: 847.361.0924|Email:

Cool Pan Music by Ted Merkle | web

Science, History, Music/instrumental

Serving Atlanta- Ted's a certified k-12 music educator who presents music, history, science and culturally oriented programs using steel drums and percussion.

Phone: 678.403.2505|Email:

Charlotte Battin Productions | web

Theater, History, Storytelling

Nationally acclaimed, awardwinning one-woman drama re: Underground Railroad. Travel to 1853 & see history come alive. All ages.

Phone: 812.342.6093|Email:

Heartland~Illinois Bicentennial Music | web |slideshow |more info >

Music/vocals, History, Storytelling

HEARTLAND is a multimedia Bicentennial program of folk songs, stories, and PowerPoint images that cover the width and breadth of Illinois history.

Phone: 414.702.6053|Email:

Megan Wells Tells | web |video

Literary Classics Performed, History, Storytelling

Award winning Storytelling for all ages, venues, occasions. Professional. Exceptional. Customized.

Phone: 708.203.3550|Email:

Paddy Lynn Storyacting | web

Theater, History, Storytelling

Storyteller, Actress, and Educator- Paddy Lynn loves performing. Her Storyacting program excites kids to read and use their imaginations acting out stories.

Phone: 847.566.6391|Email:

Mystery Shop | web |video

Theater, History, Storytelling

THE MYSTERY SHOP is a traveling theatre specializing in adult & children's interactive mysteries and programs. We excite the mind as well as the funny bone.

Phone: 630.690.1105|Email: